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Cloud Kung-Fu


Hey there! I'm your friendly neighborhood DevOps Engineer who lives for exploration and learning. My journey often leads me to hackathons, where I take on projects that leave me feeling absolutely lost and out of my depth. I'm an explorer at heart, always ready to do things just to see what will happen next. One of my passions is watching Formula 1, which for me, is the perfect blend of instinct and precision. It's all about planning to the minute detail, yet remaining ultra-adaptable, a mindset I carry into my work. I've even taken up sim racing to get a deeper understanding of what the sport demands from you. Along with F1, I’m drawn to mountain biking since it seems to give you the feeling of freedom and adventure. Definitely trying it out as soon as I get better health insurance.

In everything I do, I always try to remember: To thine own self, be true. Because, in the end, that is the only real freedom.



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